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About The Cards

Designed for Sensitive Souls with Love

This beautiful set of 44 Oracle Cards will encourage Sensitive Souls, Lightworkers, Empaths and Starseeds to focus on their own needs as they are always so busy taking care of others. It is vital for sensitive souls to practice self-care and these cards will provide everyday guidance for souls on a journey to fully own their power and step into who they were born to be. They will keep you on track as a sensitive soul and are a wonderful tool to use when reading for others to develop your own intuitive abilities.

  • You are highly intuitive and want to develop this skill further

  • You feel deeply, you sense the emotions of others around you and pick up the energies of your environment

  • You know when people are lying to you

  • Senstive Souls attract narcissists due to their need to help wounded souls


Sheila Kadeer

Sheila Kadeer

International Psychic, Life and Business Mentor for Sensitive Souls, Radio Host, Speaker and Trainer
Hi, I’m Sheila and I am an Intuitive Life and Business Mentor for Sensitive Souls, empaths, lightwokers and conscious creators who are ready to rise. I work with spiritually emerging lightworkers and empaths who have a thirst for knowledge and personal and spiritual development.

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